Ridiculous Body Standards, or Ridiculous Criticism?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this one story I keep seeing pop up on social media – about this underwear model who’s maintained a “six pack” (but, okay, it’s not really a six pack, is it, guys?) while pregnant.

How it’s encouraging yet more unattainable body standards for women, at a time when they’re pregnant, for God’s sake!

Sarah Stage Pregnant

Let’s leave it alone.

Her doctor said the baby is healthy (she says) and she’s obviously having the pregnancy she wants to have.

Look, I haven’t studied feminism in any sense of the word, aside from attending the New Orthodox Church of Beyonce every week, but I do consider myself a feminist. That is, a woman who is happy to be able to make her own choices and encourage other women to do the same without fear of judgement.

I, personally, am looking forward to the day when my boobs and ass are huge in order to compensate for the little alien monster growing in my womb. I will accept stretch marks and pregnancy acne and swollen feet, lips, and fingers, and I will give in to my pregnancy cravings and sit back and rub my big, fat stomach with pleasure, knowing that I’m doing the one thing men can’t do, the thing my mother did four times, the thing every mother has done since the beginning of time, and I will be happy knowing that, sorry honey, I had a connection with my child long before it ever breathed its first airy breath.

But that’s just me.

Pregnancy is not the same for every woman, and nobody said you had to get fat, or that you had to look forward to getting fat.

Except, you cannot have a “six pack.” Because you’re not a real woman if you have to look hot all the time.

Mean Girls

Give me a break, you guys.

And take a hint from Sarah Stage’s own Instagram (surely a regram, sorry original poster):

A Real Woman

Girlfriend was a size 00 before pregnancy, and she’s probably like a 4, maybe even only a 2, now. (She has gained 20 pounds, which is healthy.)

But the baby is healthy, and she’s having the pregnancy she wants.

(Plus, I think she’s probably a little rounder than the pictures show. 1. They’re selfies, and we all look our best or our skinniest in selfies and 2. She’s got her butt pushed way back, and that makes your body look slimmer in photos.)

As Amy Poehler says, that’s good for her. Not for me. Not for most of us, probably. But it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.



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