How to Make Sarma (Grape Leaf Rolls)

My great-great-grandfather immigrated to America from Beirut in 1896, and though I’m not very Lebanese, my family has attempted to keep part of the Lebanese culture alive in our family by cooking Lebanese food for family events. We all pretend we are very Lebanese and we eat bologna and cabbage rolls and salata, and we love it.

Which is why I was very excited to see grape leaf rolls (called sarma or dorma) here and even more excited when Rabia promised to teach me how to make them. This is a gift I can bring back to America. Not only have I learned to cook anything at all besides spaghetti and bottled bolognese sauce — I’ve learned to cook sarma! So, in honor of all of the other not-so-smooth chefs out there like me, I’m including pictures and as many details as I can remember. Here’s to making mistakes the first few times I try this myself…

Step 1:

Ya gotta soak the grape leaves in water

Step 2:

You get some rice

Step 3:

You get some cold Turkish beer to sip

Step 4:

Dice 2 red onions

Step 5:

I think they call this "sauteeing," and she is using a special Turkish oil - olive oil

Step 6:

Gotta rinse the rice (you also gotta figure out how much rice to use, 'cause I didn't ask)

Step 7:

You get some tomato paste, and some pepper sauce ("salcha," Rabia called it)

Step 8:

A spoonful each of tomato and pepper paste added to the sauteeing onions

Step 9:


Step 10:

Add the rice!

Step 11:

Rabia added some spices. I don't know which ones. Good luck.

Step 12:

Add water so it looks like this.

Step 13:

Take it off the stove; let it cool and thicken (Ahhhh yeah!)

Step 35:

Rabia soaked the leaves twice, for a few minutes each time, to rinse the salt off. Then she squeezed the excess water out.

Step 43:


I’m not going to add pictures of the rolling process, because if I did, there would be about 20, and I think we have enough already for one blog post. Also, I’ve been told that my burrito-rolling skills are fantastic, and this is a skill I’ve taken to rolling sarma. I’m not sure how much “normal” people need to be directed in rolling. The basics are: roll the long part once (tuck in the “innards”), then a side, side tuck to close it up, and then roll, roll, roll until you have a little sarmak, or roll, like Melike’s…


…and not like mine.

Okay, my burrito skills didn't transfer.

Rabia then laid a layer of leaves in a pot, placed the rolls over them, filling the pot, squeezed a lemon over the rolls, pressed them down tight (so they won’t unravel during cooking), and then filled the pot with water, just so it reached the middle of the top layer of rolls.

Then we had this:


I’ll be starting my I-think-this-is-how-you-do-it cookbook soon!




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