Tonight I played Risk with friends at The Globe. Since there were 7 of us, and only 6 armies, the five experienced players decided it would be fair to let the 2 inexperienced players join forces – make it a fairer fight. I knew better. Being one of the two inexperienced players, I felt cornered. James and I had no choice in the matter. He was more eager than I was at the idea of a team in the game of Risk, but his energy swayed me. I thought it would be a chance to show the rest of the group what James and I could end up with. We would be the ultimate underdogs. The outcome is that both of us think we would have been better off alone: he thinks he would have been better without my input, I think I would have been better without his (he wanted to attack our neighbors in Asia with quite a small army). But let me ask you this, James, whose idea was it to take Australia?! That’s all we had – all of our hope lay within that continent, for we were surrounded by bigger armies elsewhere. Eventually, the black army of Adam took over our red men, and we were spread too thin through Asia, circling the drain for a good 3 rounds before we finally built our soldiers a memorial in the corner of our table.

Anyway, I’m leaving Prague. In about 36 hours.

I’ve felt ambivalent about the move, but now I’m just feeling nostalgic about Prague.

And reluctant to experience an Oklahoma summer again after all.


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