Poe Sure

Happy Thursday, everyone.

Yeah, that’s Edgar Allen.

Listen, I don’t really have anything to say, but I never really have anything to say, so let me say this: I’ve almost been here a full three months, and I’ve got to say, I’m lagging on some things that are really getting to me right now.

1. I still can’t say anything in Czech. I don’t even know how to say my favorite pastry, which I order (quite frequently) by pointing at the glass that encases it.

2. I’m only working 6 hours a week, and I’ve realized that I am content in this. It’s going to be an ugly slice of reality when I realize that nobody can live off of 6 hours of work. Too many beach days on the Vltava didn’t do anyone any good.

3. I still haven’t been to the Black Light Theater, and that’s just plain sad.

I’m about to meet my friend Eve for her last dinner in Prague. I’ve talked about her leaving before, but now I’m realizing that time goes by quickly here, and before I know it, I could be going home too, not a word of Czech mastered, not a Black Light Theater experience to reference, and no money in the bank (the least important of these things, but also the major determinant on my stay here). I guess I need to start studying the language during some of my free time. And also, finish the book I started in Italy. I wish I could power through books here like I did on “vacation,” (what is Prague, if not a vacation?) where I read 3 books that week.

I’ve always been bad at conclusions.


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