Things have been going well in Prague. I really like both of my roommates, I just got a job as a kindergarten teacher, and my school is helping me with the visa process! Yay!

This past weekend was crazy. Friday I met up with my TEFL friends to watch the Czech-Sweden hockey game in Old Town square. Of course, I got a street sausage and a beer. I can’t help myself. But it wasn’t very good. I haven’t actually eaten any meat since then, I think… it was a pretty bad hotdog. Why am I writing this? 

Anyway, then we hung out at the boys’ apartment. They call themselves the Old Town Rascals because the apartment is in Old Town. And they’re rascals. I really don’t feel like writing.

Saturday was beer fest. That was a good time. I only had one beer, though it was huge, and a cheese plate. We played games, such as “Things,” and that game they play in Inglourious Basterds in which you place the name of a famous person (written by someone else) on your forehead and you have to ask questions to see who it is. I had OJ Simpson and couldn’t figure it out. Of course, I didn’t ask such questions as, “Is he a murderer?” or “Is he currently in prison?” which might have helped me out. I knew he was an older athlete. And also an actor? I was very confused. They had rides and cotton candy (half a bag is sitting in my pantry right now), and it was a good ol’ time at the pivo festival.

The man playing the trombone was a real flirt...

Then I went to my new friend Eve’s potluck. I met her when I got this teaching job – I’m actually taking over her position. Which means she’s leaving in 2 weeks to go back home to Florida. Sad. 😦 But it was a really great dinner and I met more cool people… who are also leaving. Damn.

Then on Sunday I got to go to a pretty cool cafe called The Globe with another new friend. There’s a bookstore there, but the most important and wonderful thing about The Globe is that they serve real breakfast. I got an omelette and hashbrowns and some pretty decent coffee and I was the happiest little woman in the world.

On Monday I had an interview with a company that specializes in business English. But the reason they called me in for an interview was not for a business English teaching position – it was to tutor two little boys in English. For 2-3 hours a week. I have to get my visa and then get a business license before I can go back in for a demo lesson and then, if they are pleased, they will hire me. Seems like a lot of trouble, but poor beggars can’t be choosers I suppose. Of course, it might take months of tutoring these boys for 2 hours a week to pay of the cost of the business license. Needless to say, I’m probably not going to go through with it.

My next plan is to get some private tutoring going on. All I really needed was a few hours at a school so that they can get the visa process going for me. Now I can do some independent work, and hopefully everything will start fitting into place.

Life changes quickly here in Prague. A week ago today I was just applying for the job I have now. I certainly didn’t expect for this last week to look the way it has. It’s been good. Stressful, always, with the visa looming over my head and the date of my ‘tourist time’ coming to an end in June. Pulling out money for rent yesterday was also a bad moment. No income makes those obligations quite painful. But, all in all, I’m doing fine.


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