Present Perfect Simple

Can any of you English speakers tell me what that is? Or when we use it? Or when we don’t?

Betcha can’t.

And that’s alright, because you speak English and understand that I have only lived in Prague for 3 weeks but I lived in Oklahoma before that. (Catch the tense switching, nerds?)

Anna’s Lesson went something like this:

Her student: “You give me acteevities for leetle cheeldren.”

Anna: “Well, yer doin’ wrong, so freakin’ keep doin’ it.”

Of course, that’s just what Anna wanted to say when her student started fighting the system of language teaching methodology. (By the way, Anna is a wonderful teacher, so don’t get the wrong idea with this quote.)

I just spent the last 2 hours tutoring Hana, a 68-year-old Czech woman. First we did a reading and writing exercise. Afterwards, I went through with her and we edited her essay, which needed no more than to have a few articles (a, the) thrown in (they don’t use them in Czech).

And since the Czech language only has three tenses – past, present, and future – and English has a lot more (present perfect simple, present perfect continuous, and past simple are all in the ‘past’ category, just to give you a taste of how complicated it is for foreign learners), we spent about 45 minutes reviewing the present perfect simple. She got frustrated a few times, and after drawing three timelines and asking concept checking question after question, I gave her a practice exercise (fill-in-the-blank) so she could practice using past simple and present perfect simple. She finally started to get it, (“Ah, because it continues! Now I see.”) and redeemed her earlier comment of “You are strict teacher. More than Terry,” by saying, “You are good teacher. I know it now.” I didn’t mind that she left out her articles that time.

It has been a tense week. I had three lessons to plan last night, and my lesson on Tuesday along with my presentation were both flops. I ended up psyching myself out after a bad lesson and couldn’t remember how to elicit structure of “used to” sentences during my presentation. I cried. My instructor saw it. It was embarrassing.

We only have one more week of this course, and I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by. I am so glad that this week flew by, because I was really dreading it, but now it’s time to find jobs and apartments and say goodbye to living a dorm life.

Until then, I’m meeting some friends at the pub for a little Thursday celebration.


2 thoughts on “Present Perfect Simple

  1. Brandi Thomas says:

    Sorry to hear that you have had a “tense” week. I have always thought that labeling/digraphing sentences was a worthless task. Is it really important to know the difference? Isn’t the point to be able to communicate? Do you ever get students that are English Virgins? Gotta go, I am getting pelted with a Nerf Gun. Now, that is important.

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