Czech Cheese

I know there are lots of questions out there among my thousands of readers that need answers. Some of you might ask me things like, “Lauren, is the goat cheese in the Czech Republic as delicious as the goat cheese in America?” And to you I say, “Yes.” And, relating to that subject, “Lauren, has your love for the many varieties of cheese grown since being in the Czech Republic?” And I would say, “Yes, I believe it has.” You see, the first weekend I was here, I literally found myself eating the exact same thing for dinner as I had eaten for lunch: cheese on bread. The first time it was two types of cheese, piled on top of each other, and the second time it was goat cheese, bacon, and tomatoes, and I cannot stress enough how delicious it was. I didn’t even feel bad for not giving my body any real nutrients that day.

I went to the grocery store tonight and bought a lot of food: sausages, corn, yogurt, salad, strawberries, tomatoes, bread, more Nutella, milk, and three types of cheeses. I had other things like cereal and crackers and what not, but I can’t remember. The point is, I spent 30 dollars and I am going to be eating like a queen for the next week. A cheese queen.

Other questions that might be posed to me are things like, “Do you really have to pay for the bathroom there?” Sometimes, dear readers, you do. My advice is, don’t. The ones that require 10-20 crowns are not worthy of even a charitable behind. They are “public WCs” and maintain the quality of a porta-potty. Just hold it. Or pay for a beer and use a restaurant’s.

“What are Czech people like?” I don’t really know. I’m around a lot of Americans. I’ll tell you what I do know, though:

My doorman has never said “good morning” (in Czech) back to me, but today he saw me outside of my hotel, forgot who I was, asked me a question in Czech, remembered who I was when he realized I was lost and was not Czech, laughed, and made fun of me in Czech. I wasn’t offended. Frankly, it was good to know that he could smile.

The clerks at the grocery store are helpful if you are absolutely incapable of finding, pricing, and bagging your groceries yourself. One even went to the produce aisle for me to get a proper sticker for my apples.

The cops are scary.

People speak quietly on the metro, and you will be embarrassed when you’re with Americans and you realize how inexcusably loud you are.

And that about covers my observations of the Czech people.

Long live cheese and cheap groceries and blog posts written while eating dinner.


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