My sister has been laying the guilt trip on me recently concerning my trip to Prague and how her children, particularly the youngest one, “won’t remember” me.

Hopefully she will remember that we did awesome stuff like this.

Stella loves iPhones. Her favorite things include playing “The Monkey Game,” (Lunchbox) and taking pictures and videos. Actually, her favorite thing is looking at the pictures, which she tries to do while you’re still taking them. Hence, the photo above in which her eyes are ALMOST closed. I believe at the moment of the photo, she was reaching for the phone.

My nephews also enjoy the iPhone, thanks to Angry Birds. And like Stella, they enjoy their time in the spotlight.

Brody has his moments of shyness, which is why he was hiding under the kitchen table as I snapped this photo (he had a tutu on, though).

He will stand for an impromptu photo, but you better be quick.

Which is why I keep the iPhone handy. You never know when Brody’s going to pull a pajama stunt like this one.

It’s hard to convince myself that leaving now is okay. I don’t want them to forget me, and I certainly don’t want to miss out on these awesome moments of their childhood. Recently, I’ve been taking more pictures and videos of them. You can’t stop time – can’t even slow it down – but you can savor the moments you have.


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