Two flight reservations later…

I made it into the class! That’s it! It’s been decided! I! WILL! GO!

I am scared, anxious, excited, curious, and happy. Sometimes I think, “What am I doing? What if they don’t let me in the country? What if I want to leave and I can’t? What am I going to do in London by myself?”

You see, it was recommended to buy a roundtrip ticket to the Czech Republic with the return date within 90 days of the arrival (proving that you’re just a little tourist). It was recommended that the return date go to waste while you said, “Haha! Suckas!” to Czech customs and stayed longer, finagling your way into a work visa. I didn’t want to pay for that wasted ticket. (And I also, I think, didn’t want an opportunity to even think about going home.) So I bought a one-way to Prague in March for $600 and bought a $30 ticket to London in May. And now I’m hoping that they’ll accept this and not worry that I have no more flights planned. Surely they’ll just care that I’m getting out of their country and they’ll let the Brits figure it out themselves. Right? I’ll have to get another ticket out of England too… This is causing great stress. Oh, well. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Apparently I’m going when Prague will begin to thaw, and I’ll get to see the beautiful spring season erupt in the city! In fact, I made my arrangements so that I would be able to do the spring walk that I read about in a travel book, in which a bunch of people walk from Prague to another city with all sorts of weird symbols over the letters, merely in order to see spring blooming. I think it will be a good orientation for me.

I have less than a month now before I leave. What to do in the meantime?


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