Waiting on Confirmation

When I finally just let myself act, act naturally, I made some decisions. I stopped thinking so much, especially about the “what ifs” of the future, and just did what I wanted to do.

So last night at work, I told my boss that I was quitting. I hadn’t planned to do that. She said she didn’t need two weeks’ notice, so Wednesday will be my last day (if she doesn’t schedule me for Sunday).

And today, I submitted my payment to the TEFL program I like in Prague.

Now I’m just waiting for the program administrator to email me back and confirm the receipt of my payment. At that point, I can buy a ticket.

The program runs from March 21-April 15. I’m really excited!

I don’t want to buy a roundtrip ticket and let the other half go to waste, as has been recommended. I’m hoping I can by a one-way to Prague (half the price!) and then buy a ticket to London (so I am only in the Czech Republic for 90 days at a time, as is necessary for a tourist visa). Maybe I’ll get to see my friend Anthony, the dirty ol’ Brit.

More to come!


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