Shooting for September

It’s Saturday. The blizzard came in Tuesday. Since then, I have hardly left the house, let alone my bed. In all sincerity and without a hint of sarcasm or exaggeration (though sadness, I guarantee it), I have probably gained 4 pounds. Which is a lot when you’re 5’2″. So we’ll be working on that for the next week.

Maybe it was the snow storm that left me locked in my room with nothing to do but eat and research (and partake in wonderfully hilarious 30 Rock marathons) that led me to make the decision. Whatever it was, I have a plan – and this time, it’s different! This time, it’s not leaving in 2 months. This time, I’m shooting for September.

We’ll talk about the mean time (with my parents until then?!?) later.

So I’ve decided that, yes, it is necessary to become ESL/TEFL/TESOL/BLABLABLAISPEAKENGLISH certified. Which program I’ll go through has yet to be decided. Here’s the thing, though: I don’t have enough money to 1. buy a plane ticket 2. enroll in a class and 3. live. That’s why we’re shooting for September. Also, if I want to go to Europe, I’ll need to accept that I won’t start teaching until then (peak hiring season).

So I’ve got to get a job. Another job. I currently work about 4-8 hours a week. Yep, you read that right. Four to eight. I just got paid $35. And what’s worse – I haven’t saved a penny since starting in October. Things need to change. Right now. Or right after the snow melts and I take my bath robe off and put some make-up on.

I found one program in Spain that I’m looking into – just need to get some documents in order (and I could do it all today! Yay!) in addition to a recommendation letter from my most recent Spanish professor, who may not even remember me (wish me luck!). Even if I do happen to get accepted to that (I’d find out in April), I’ll get ESL certified (not included or required for this program). I have some teaching experience, but I really just need to get that stupid, expensive certificate. I hope that while I do this, I learn something valuable from the course. I’m slowly being persuaded that it’s necessary to take it, but there’s a part of me (the part that doesn’t want to spend all of my money) that is hesitant.

Some other countries that I’m looking into: France (appears you need to speak el French to teach there… bummer), Italy (those four pounds would multiply), Czech Republic (Praha! Countryside! Dumplings! Beer!), and Turkey (Istanbul is calling my name). I’ve also thought about South America because of my Spanish background and because I knew a hot Colombian named Freddy once, but I’m not sure yet. Asia is out of the question, even though I love Koreans. I can’t risk the daily MSG ingestion.

So I need to hop off my fat (but slowly flattening, I think) butt and complete the Spanish application process and look more seriously into some TEFL training programs. Maybe do a few sit-ups.

Hasta luego, world.


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